Dr. Seuss

Oh, the places Dr. Seuss booksellers can go if they make a lot of dough

By JOHN E. BIALAS It’s a potential boom time for third-party internet sellers of Dr. Seuss books, a theory I base on my research after I read a story at The New York Times website. Alexandra Alter and Elizabeth A. Harris wrote the story, published on Thursday, 3-4-21, and the headline is Dr. Seuss […]


How do you get someone to read your book? Give it away and call it the worst

By JOHN E. BIALAS I received a Goodreads email Thursday night (1-7-21) and the subject line was “John Rachel has invited you to the event: FREE READ … The Worst Book Ever Written!” I was intrigued and couldn’t wait to see what this was all about from an author I knew nothing about. I blocked […]