Great songwriter, bad signer

See the autograph that is in the image at the top of this fine piece of journalism?

It appears in one of the Barnes & Noble 2020 Black Friday editions and I was interested in buying the book until I saw the awful signature at the Gulfport store on Tuesday. I was stunned, but that didn’t stop me from taking a picture to show you, oh reader, how bad it is.

Anybody want to guess the signer?

Maybe these clues will help you.

  • An American songwriter, musician, author and record producer wrote the book.
  • An Esquire reviewer says the book is “one part manual for composing a song, and one part philosophical inquiry into the human desire—the human need—to create. It’s also an easy, delightful read.”
  • The author’s previous book is a memoir published in 2018.

OK, I think the clues will lead to someone identifying the writer. Really, I think I have offered too much information.

The first person with the correct ID will win a prize and that will depend on whether I’m still in the holiday mood.

Happy New Year.

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